Why Steve Wozniak Is Suing YouTube

This lawsuit is shocking. When did this start, and how did you discover this was happening? It started way back in early may believe it or not more than two months ago, and some people started contacting us saying they sent their bitcoin in and why didn't.

I send them twice as much back and they said that they saw it on a featured featured um youtube video for them to watch where they were coming from, and then we went online and discovered there were a whole bunch of these and from then on, we Probably you know sent down, you know, fraud, notices and written out statements of what was going on that this was a crime to youtube dozens, maybe even hundreds of times late late nights, sometimes at three in the morning takes us time.

Is we're? Just normal people - and we just have to sit there, go through that their whole process and which they don't have a category. This is report a crime, so a human can look at it and i don't think a human in youtube ever saw what was going on here.

I just don't, believe it we, we went to state police and they got involved and got some information, but we just couldn't get to a human at youtube. Now your suit alleges that youtube has been completely unresponsive and you also praise twitter for reacting the same day of that big hack.

That is, and was related to this. What didn't youtube. Do that you think they should have done well. For one thing they should have, you know you go to report. Something is wrong with with a video of theirs.

You can report it as fraud or there are about seven categories, but fraud was one and copyright violation which also applies here and we could report it and then we could type in a statement. What's wrong and the statement would have gotten any human's, attention that ever saw it, but algorithms, computer, artificial intelligence can & # 39.

T really tell what you mean that if somebody sends you one dollar, you'll, send two back that that's, a scam, any any news outlet, any person, any human. The world would say that's, a crime, ed mcmahon would say that's, a crime, so they just never got to a human.

Was the problem and we couldn't get a response from them and i don't like to try to pull strings and go around things. The way normal average people can't so, every day for the last over two months it's been up there.

The scams have been up there on on youtube. We did get a statement from youtube on this. They say they take account security very seriously, uh automatically protect users and notify them when they detect suspicious activity have policies against impersonation and scams.

Did you ever reach out to the ceo of youtube uh, susan wojcicki or somebody else? I don't. I don't, go around and use my privilege because of my name. We did it as a normal person online. There are ways to fill out forms and data, and it maybe it never got to a human.

Maybe a computer that doesn't understand what a scam is saw. It and just didn't, do any response at all, so whatever they say take they take very seriously. They didn't. Take this seriously enough to have a little category saying there is a crime going on and please you know let a human see this.

They don't have a table. What do you want youtube to do right now about this youtube? No, it's. Really almost everybody like youtube. This is a very broad category of where you can't reach humans when you need them for support all over the tech, industry and um.

It should be expressed that when it's a matter of a real crime going on obvious crime, just like i said any human would look at this thing and say it's, a scam um that there has to be ways to Um not have youtube, be a party to it and other companies.

You know google, facebook, whatever not be a party to it or let you reach a human who can make a decision of ways to stop it. Youtube could stop it. They could stop it with. With software techniques and with human techniques, but we couldn't.

If you can't get to anybody, how can you ever do anything? Listen to them say after the fact you know? Oh, we take this very seriously. They didn't, take it seriously at all, because we reported it like, i said, maybe um, 100 or more times.

You know every day we did many every night, i should say we reported tons and tons that were still up to this day. There's, some