Bitcoin Should Be Worth $400,000, Guggenheim's Minerd Says

Scott guggenheim has reserved the right to invest up to 10 of its macro fund in bitcoin. Have you guys started buying yet, and how much is this decision tied to the fed's extraordinary policy? Well, you know to answer the second question: scarlett.

Clearly, uh bitcoin and our interest in bitcoin is tied to fed policy and the rampant money printing that's going on um in terms of our mutual funds. Um. You know we uh. We are not yet effective, uh with the sec, so you know we're, still waiting, uh.

Of course, uh. We made the decision to start allocating toward bitcoin uh when bitcoin was at ten thousand um it's. It's, a little more challenging uh with the current price closer to twenty thousand uh amazing.

You know over a very short period of time how big of a run-up we've had, but having said that, uh, our our fundamental work shows that bitcoin uh should be worth about four hundred thousand dollars wow.

So um. You know we're going to, even if we had uh the ability to do so. Today we're, going to monitor the market and uh see how trading goes uh on valuation, but ultimately we & # 39. Ll have to buy it scott miner.

We want to delay the fed press conference for this comment by you. How do you frame a 400 000 bitcoin? How do you get from where we are now out to 400 000? Is it just based on scarcity, uh, yeah, right tom? It's based on the scarcity and relative valuation, such as things like gold as a percentage of gdp? So you know their bitcoin is actually has a lot of the attributes of gold and at the same time, has an unusual value in terms of transaction