Ark's Cathie Wood Says Bull Market Is 'Broadening Out'

Clearly, you are feeling a fresh round of pain right now. What is your strategy? What are you buying? What are you selling? Well, we keep our eye on the prize. We have a five-year time horizon and actually when, when we go through a route like this, first of all, the rotation now is happening very quickly.

It started off slowly and is happening quickly uh. So i'm happy that the market is broadening out. This was this was the case in late 16 as well. Value took off and left growth behind, and whenever i see that happen, i say: okay, this bull market has broadened out.

This is good news. What we do during these periods is concentrate our portfolios towards our highest conviction, names and so that's. What we're doing, we had uh extended the number of names in the portfolio from the low to mid 30s at the bottom of the coronavirus.

And now we're at roughly 55 on for our flagship fund and we are starting to sell the more liquid names and buy some of the more pure play names. So the the more liquid names are either more mature, the facebooks, the apples and so forth, or and or they are um participating in innovation, but they're, not pure plays so regeneron, novartis and so forth.

So more liquid. In order to have cache-like instruments to use at a time like now and move again concentrate towards our highest conviction names, so let's. Talk about tesla, then you said that uh you were only going to buy the dip.

Are you going to continue to buy the the tesla dip now that it's, dipping even lower? Yes, we can buy a stock up to 10 of our portfolios uh and that's. Certainly in the etfs we report our holdings at the end of every day uh, so anyone can see that and yes uh we have been building whenever we can now we built up to 10 last week, so the stock behaved in line with our portfolio.

So again we can't buy any more here if it were to deteriorate at a rate uh beyond that of our other portfolios, so drop below that 10 percent. We would then have the latitude to to buy more. Of course,