ARK Buying 'A Lot of Tesla' After Recent Tumble: Cathie Wood

So what are you doing on a day like today? Are you? Are you buying? I mean the nasdaq was down uh, almost four percent. Today, tesla was down significantly, did you buy? Oh yes, oh yes, and we uh, we publish our trades at the end of every day, so uh you will see them the markets closed uh.

We bought a lot of tesla today across any strategy that holds tesla and we will be uh publishing in a few weeks, uh a report updating our thoughts about tesla. Our excitement about the potential of a ride-hailing service as a bridge to an autonomous service and our high and the higher odds that autonomous is going to happen for tesla and part of the reason for the higher odds is now that waymo is on the road autonomously.

We know it can be done. Tesla has so much more data than google or anyone else or everyone else, combined uh that we think it's in the poll position. Well, it's. Interesting to you, know it's. Funny kathy people, you know expecting you to be on and they were sending us tons of questions.

You know this whole idea of the treasure trove of data. That tesla has specifically you talk about it. A lot you know. Do other people believe it do. You are you seeing other. You know people kind of uh put that out as kind of one of the fundamental reasons that you want to own tesla.

It's, not just a car company right it's, a technology company. It's. A battery company is that thesis of it being a data company getting a lot more recognition. We do not think many analysts or investors are giving tesla credit for autonomous uh.

If they were, the stock would be a lot higher. What we do think they're, giving tesla credit for increasingly, is you know it's, electric vehicle franchise and how far ahead of the competition tesla is when it comes to battery technology, to artificial intelligence, both in the form of a Chip through the data collection, we think 30 billion plus miles compared to google's, 30 million ish miles and still over-the-air software updates to uh to change performance.

It's. It's, remarkable that more are not on board. Even the last one yet uh, so i think its franchise has legs here. So so, how does that translate into market value for tesla? How much more opportunity is there? How much, how much more opportunity is left for this run-up to continue? Well, i'll, give you a sense of uh, and this is from our big ideas.

2021.. You can get that on our site, We we believe that the autonomous market, so the ride-hailing market, but autonomous, will be a 7 trillion revenue opportunity and right now the rise hailing companies human-driven hailing their market cap, probably cumulatively, is around 200 billion globally.

If, if we're right, tesla is in the poll position in the united states to become the autonomous taxi network autonomous is going to submit to natural geographic monopolies. So in the us our confidence in tesla has gone up.

The more we understand about uh autopilot and the more data uh it's, one to one and a half million robots out there, including my model 3, are collecting to inform its artificial intelligence engine so that's.

Six to seven trillion dollar market, we think, is going to be more in the developed world, ironically than in the um emerging markets in terms of value uh, for reasons we can get into if you would like, so the us could be a third to a half Of that of that market, so think about that three and a half trillion dollar opportunity and it's.

It's, going to be more of a monopoly that i think most investors and analysts understand right now.