#1 Reason Bitcoin Will PUMP HUGE (Top Secret LINK Crypto Rumors)

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Now, if you guys, like these sunday morning, drive videos where i just kind of you know cut loose and just tell you what's happening in crypto, make sure to smash that like button, it's a little rainy today, as you Guys can see uh so can't quite squeal out, like i like to do in the old battle cat here.

So listen guys. Let's, talk about what is happening right now on wall street. What is happening with dogecoin? What is happening with bitcoin what is happening with xrp and uh? I'm gonna tell you guys what i think we could see here pretty soon uh and i at the end.

I want to tell you guys about uh. I don't know. I hear some rumblings that's. All i'm going to tell you. I hear some rumblings about some coins and you're going to want to listen, because this could be the biggest thing to hit crypto.

Basically, ever i can't, give away too much because i don't have confirmed sources, but i'm hearing some things and i'm gonna. Let you guys know uh what that is what these three coins are, that could be involved in this.

So let's. Talk about wall street bets guys. This is the doge revolution. This is the the wall street world coming to crypto and it's, really exciting uh just to have all these new people. Here i mean we were already getting a lot of fresh faces, uh or fresh user names.

In the comment section uh due to what's, going on, you know with the crypto prices, but we kind of hit some doldrums in the bull run. But what is going to happen from here? I think it's, pretty safe. To say at this point i feel pretty good about where bitcoin is right.

Now i feel pretty good about the price seems to be holding strong. I actually made my biggest trade ever today, uh on by bed. If you do want to sign up for my bit, you can do that down below. It happened exactly as i predicted uh that's, the big thing on youtube right.

We all got to say that now love carl uh, but guys here's here's. The thing i made a bitcoin, a half because i saw bitcoin dipped down this morning and it went down into the uh very low in the 33s, and i said i'm gonna scoop this up and then it went all the way back Up over 34 uh on the long, and it was really just about a quarter of my account i had on that trade.

I feel very confident that this rush into crypto from these wall street bets people is going to be pushing up the price of bitcoin. Here's, what they're saying now, if you remember the whole purpose right of wall street bets was to squeeze the short sellers.

Okay, but there are people saying that this has been a plan by these people that has been in motion for years and what we're. Seeing right now is the culmination of years of planning and getting ready to make this move now.

Maybe it could have something to do with who's president right now, because obviously, when uh, the former president was in i don't know what i can and cannot say thanks youtube, but when the former president was in there.

Obviously the focus was the stock market and it was everything we could do to make sure that the stock market didn't go down well now, here we are in the first week and we see what's happening now. Is this because this administration wants to see bitcoin, do well and wants to see the stock market crash? No, it just has more to do with the fact that, right now, the stock market & # 39.

S got less protections than it had a few weeks ago, or last year those those hedges have been removed, and now the hedge fund managers are getting wrecked, making billionaires cry. That is what the focus is on, that's, why they moved into these short positions, and these people lost a lot of money, and now they might be having to take money out of their fang stocks, and this could have big reverberating effects on The market, but what we're, seeing is xrp pump.

We saw dogecoin pump, dogecoin, probably had its short term peak. You should have taken profits if you didn't take in profit. If you didn't take profits, then that's on you. We tried to tell you on this channel you needed to take profits.

Don't, sell your whole bag. You can still hold for the movement in financial protest that's. What i'm doing, but you can take profits along the way that's. One thing: if you're in cryptocurrency, and you're new, you're gonna have to learn right.

Xrp. The same thing is happening now they're, saying the xrp is the new coin. They're gonna pump, but the problem is about that is xrp is much harder to buy because it's been banned on a lot of exchanges due to the sec investigation and that really lines up perfectly with the notion of Wall street bets let's, go against the government.

Go against these billionaires go against the system, so it makes perfect sense for them to want to go after something that the to to pump that the government is coming after. But the problem is the liquidity.

It's harder to buy now than it was so they could be looking for the next things now. The rumor is right now is that bitcoin is the next target of wall street bets and of this movement? Why same principles? We got nobody short in dogecoin, but we have billions of dollars from these same hedge funds.

Okay, that are we're short selling other stuff on the stock market. These same hedge funds are shorting bitcoin. So because of that, we want those people to get wrecked now you know that's. Why? I tell you guys: hey do not short in a bull market.

I told you that guys over and over and over again it is possible to make money doing it, but i don't want to get caught on the wrong side of history, and i am certainly not uh shorting. I have not shorted, i've sorted three times in the entire bull market got wrecked all three times it was near the beginning.

I will not do it again trend. Is your friend you guys remember that you can make money both ways, but we want to make money along with the trend both ways we don't want to uh. You know end up on the wrong side, so here's.

The thing are we going to see a lot of money come flowing into bitcoin? Well, i believe that we are, i believe, february is rocket. Point february. We had our first rocket point in december february. Is our new rocket month.

It's, gonna be absolutely incredible for bitcoin, and i am here for it. So i'm making a lot. If you & # 39, re newer, make sure to check out my tick tock at bible crypto there, because i'm doing a lot of videos.

Talking about you know the the basics of crypto and i'm, just basing that off of a lot of questions, people are asking me as far as you altcoin degenerates. What should we be looking at? What should we be looking at? I'm hearing rumblings and i i'm.

I'm, a little reserved to say this. Okay, i'm hearing rumblings about three coins and i took some profits today and i put them into one coin. We actually talked about two of these coins. Last sunday on our sunday drive ave chain link and maker, i can & # 39.

T really give you more information than that right now, because i don't want to start a big firestorm, but i'm telling you. These are the three coins that something is rumbling that will happen around the middle of february and if you're wanting a longer term play not a day trade or a swing, trade, a short term swing trade, then these are the three projects that I would be looking at we & # 39.

Ve got all these delaware, grayscale trust. Delaware. Is the state of choice for llc's, that's? Where uh, you know, i've had llc's located there before for the sole purpose of the tax benefits. We now have listings for grayscale trusts for chainling, pier basic attention, token uh, decentraland, also cardano, now also monero, z, cash and the monero one is the one that makes me think it's, a little odd that there would be one for that.

Just keep in mind just because they create the trust, does not mean that you know it that they def just because they create the llc doesn't mean they will actually for sure create stock. Now are these people pumping their own bags and lifting these projects up, possibly we don't have confirmation of that.

Yet i can't be 100 certain, so we don't want to say that these are for sure, but we're getting that and it seems like when you combine this wall street news. This adoption news that's, going to involve maker chain link and ave combined with the news on these llc's word around the grayscale trust it seems like the revolution is here.

This could be the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency in 2021. Maybe it's coming faster than we ever thought possible. So i'm excited. I'm. Taking long positions. I'm moving into solid alts. I told you three of the ones i'm.

Really focusing on and uh you know hope you guys do the same drop me some comments down below. Let me know what you think is happening and, of course, don't forget to smash the like button. If you guys uh, want to see more of these sunday drive videos on sunday mornings, that's, all i got be blessed big boy out.